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Rental Guidelines

1)  A $40.00 application fee (non-refundable) is required from all applicants qualifying to be financially responsible for the rent.

2)  625 or higher FICO score is required

3)  Gross monthly household income must be 3 times the rent amount and verifiable as a permanent source of income.

4)  If a Guarantor (co-signer) is needed to qualify, this applicant will need to clear 6 times the rent gross monthly income to qualify
for paying two properties’ monthly payments.

5)  Income must be verifiable and legal such as:

  1. Paystubs or bank statement, W2(s)
  2. Self-employed – provide 1099’s, tax returns (2 previous years)
  3. Proof of court ordered support (document or bank statement)
  4. Offer letter from new employer
  5. Proof of retirement or trust fund income (bank statement)
  6. No recently filed bankruptcies (past 18 months), bank levy’s, wage garnishments or tax liens
  7. We cannot verify unemployment or temporary disability or TANF as a permanent source of income

6)  Rental history requirements

  1. No more than 2 late payments in 2 years tenancy
  2. No more than one NSF check in 4 years tenancy
  3. No balances owed or unpaid collections to current or former landlords
  4. No judgements, evictions, notices to pay or quit in past 10 years
  5. No foreclosures in past 2 years
  6. No history of breach of contract or early termination of leases
  7. No negative behavior or property damage reports from prior landlords of 7 years

If you agree to the terms above please proceed with the application process.

**An approved application does not guarantee you a unit. Should you be approved by the standards referenced above,
you may transfer your application to a different home upon denial from the owner of the current home for up to 30 days.**


Items needed in order to apply


  1. Who is everyone living at the home (include names, ages & relation to one another, even children)
  2. Why are you looking for a home right now?
  3. How long do you think you may like to stay at the home?
  4. Any blemishes in your background or credit check, this is a perfect opportunity to discuss with the owner.

*Any Adult 21 or older – provide full name & date of birth to ensure proper background check.

2)  Proof of income per applicant (qualifying to be financially responsible for rent)

3)  $40.00 fee per income qualifying for the rent. This is non-refundable.

4)  Once you have viewed the inside of a home, all applicants have 24 hours to turn in their complete applications

It is any applicant’s responsibility to learn the neighborhood of the home they are applying for.

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